CASSC Cab Coupons Terms of Use

The Prince Albert & Area Community Alcohol Strategy Steering Committee (CASSC) has partnered with SGI, Grey Cab and Checker/Family Taxi to offer a $15 cab coupon to reduce impaired driving during various events that serve alcohol held throughout the year and during the holiday season.

The coupons can be used after 6 pm until 6 am.

Cab coupons are available during the following times:

  • Holiday Cab Coupon Program – November 1st to January 15th
  • Prince Albert Winter Festival events – February

Past events where cab coupons were offered:

  • Summer cab coupons – lifting of Covid restrictions June to August 2021
  • Rotary Club Lobsterfest and Wine Premier nights
  • Mann Art Gallery Wolf Back events
  • Chesterfest Music Festival 2022

Let your cab driver know that you want to use a Cab Coupon when you phone to book a ride.

Grey Cab:  (306) 764-4444

Checker/Family Taxi:  (306) 763-2010

Please drink responsibly.

We hope you enjoy the Prince Albert Winter Festival events!!